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Company Information

WE KNOW HOW to help you design and operate safe, environmentally friendly, sustainable, maintainable and profitable oil, gas and petrochemical production and processing facilities.

We have over 50 YEARS OF ACCUMULATED KNOWLEDGE in DESIGNING oil and gas production facilities, pipelines, gas plants, refineries and petrochemical plants.

We USE and CREATE cutting edge technology computer based design tools that provide INSIGHT, enabling us to provide OPTIMIZED facilities design and operating strategies.

Company Vision

East One-Zero-One Sdn Bhd (East101)'s vision is to be the leading process solutions provider of choice.

Company Mission

We are a business entity. Process engineering is our core business. Our primary responsibility is to provide robust, profitable, safe and environmentally friendly solutions for our customers.

Company Core Values

Our values are integrated into our work culture. These values consist of:

  1. Integrity
  2. Professionalism
  3. Cohesiveness
  4. Creativity

Company Quality Policy

East One-Zero-One Sdn Bhd (East101) policy is to provide consultancy advice and process simulation and engineering services through Consultants and staff with the necessary skills and based upon best practice in those areas of expertise in which we operate.

It is our aim to meet or exceed the expectations of our Clients in bringing innovation and improvements whilst ensuring the objectivity and integrity of advice given and recommendations made. Our quality standards are applied in the following areas:

  1. Collecting information, giving advice and making recommendations
  2. Presenting information, reports and other documented outputs
  3. Handling of Client relationships
  4. Managing Client projects
  5. The use of Consultants and other support services

We will comply with the quality standards stipulated by our Clients. The Principal Consultant has the responsibility and authority for the day-to-day management of the quality management system (QMS). To achieve this, the Company will ensure that:

  1. Its established standards are complied with fully
  2. Services provided meet or exceed Clients’ requirements and relevant statutory regulations
  3. Quality objectives are set and reviewed

The Principal Consultant is committed to ensuring compliance with QMS requirements, reviewing the system’s on-going suitability and identifying ways in which the system can be improved.

Compliance with the objectives, policies and procedures within the system has been explained to and is mandatory for all Consultant and staff when they are engaged on East101 assignments.


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